TapGet Service

    What is TapGet and what is TapGet Service?

      TapGet is an open platform for digital menu cards and instant OnSpot™ orders. This means that a guest can order directly by smartphone, in restaurants, while sitting at the table. To do this, users are scanning a unique QR code at their place and immediately receive the digital menu card on their smartphone.

      TapGet Service is the right product for instant OnSpot™ orders. It can easily be set up at your location by self-installation.

    For which types of locations is TapGet Service recommended?

      TapGet Service is best suited for large restaurants and cafes with several areas, guest gardens or terraces, as well as hotels with room service.

    What are the main advantages of TapGet Service?

    • Fast:
      No wait times for your guests! Customers can order immediately, which results in shorter table cycles and therefore in higher revenues. The workload for the staff is also reduced as they can mainly take care of the deliveries.
    • Digital:
      Changes are online in a matter of seconds, so typos and price changes are no longer an issue. Menus can easily be offered in several languages and can even be translated automatically if desired. The guest can of course also search or filter out allergens in the digital menu card.
    • Open:
      TapGet is an open platform. Therefore any bar, café, restaurant or hotel can offer this service. No customer wants to download a separate app for every location. One service for all locations!
    • Flexible:
      TapGet is flexible, it can be used completely without an app, directly from the browser and even without login! We support all form factors, from laptops to smartwatches!

    How self-installation works?

      The self-setup is so simple that it can be done completely from the smartphone. With just 3 easy steps, your location can go online and get the TapGet Service up and running on the same day!
    • Setup:
      Register as a location and create your menu card and table numbers from your smartphone or desktop browser.
    • Put Up:
      Print the downloaded QR codes and attach them to your tables.
    • Use:
      Congratulations! Your location is TapGet Ready! Now you can receive orders with your smartphone, tablet, laptop and even your Smartwatch!

    Where can I register to use the TapGet Service?

      Currently, TapGet Service is only available upon request or direct invitation. Feel free to contact us, using the contact form, or one of our sales partners in your country!