TapGet Power

    What is TapGet Power?

      TapGet Power is a version of TapGet that has been specially tailored to your needs. This ensures a seamless integration into your business.

    For which types of locations is TapGet Power recommended?

      TapGet Power is especially suitable for large fast-food chains, cafeterias, hospitals, large canteens, and hotel chains with room service. For this customer segment, smooth operations and efficiency are of the highest priority. Your requests for a specially tailored service will be realized in cooperation with you in a joint project.

    What are the main advantages of TapGet Power?

    • Efficient:
      No wait times for your guests! Customers can order immediately, which results in shorter table cycles and therefore in higher revenues. The workload for the staff is also reduced as they can mainly take care of the deliveries and preparations. With TapGet you can run your business more efficiently, service personnel is in short supply and TapGet can greatly reduce the workload on them.
    • Specially Tailored:
      Like a tailor-made suit, TapGet Power is perfectly tailored to you and your business. With our service you have absolute control over your processes.
    • Cost Efficient:
      TapGet is much more cost-efficient than comparable systems. No expensive modifications or separate hardware such as terminals are required. Whether 50 or 500 tables, TapGet scales with it, without any problems. 1 or 2 terminals, for a 500 tables location, would probably not be enough with other services, but for our service this is no problem!
    • Flexible:
      Although TapGet Power is a customised version of TapGet, the guest can use the service with the same app or account.
      One service for all locations!

    How much does TapGet Power cost and how do I get this exclusive product?

      Feel free to contact us using the contact form on the website, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Together, we will prepare a tailor-made and reliable offer that suits your company.